Uploaded pages 1-3 of chapter 2 (untitled book thing).

These pages I “inked” on a cintiq. Linework looks ok, BUT

text looks fuzzy though, not sure how to remedy. UGH


Added a link on my site to the comicartcollective website, where you can buy my original comic pages.

Why buy original pages? Umm….because…uh…they’ll look good? On your wall? Or something? Maybe?



Good bye 2012, hello twenty thirteen.

Two zero one three.

2 thousand thirteen.


Finished chapter 1 finally, pages 14-18.

Chapter 2 coming later in the week.



thank you ma’am.

pages 11,12,13 uploaded.

chapter 1 almost done.


added. I’m on a roll.

And so are the LA Kings.

Beating the NJ Devils, 2-1, in overtime.

Undeated on the road.



added to chapter 1.

*cue sloooooooow clap.


added page 8 to chapter 1 of the “book”. Please to enjoy.

Also, a few  years ago, I did this commission for a talented Disney artist by the name of Erik Fountain.









A month ago, he turned 30, and got himself a tattoo of that drawing. Pretty sweet!










Erik is a cool dude, and I’m honored to have my artwork carved into his skin.


…finally uploaded.

Freelance, job tests, yadda yadda. Soooo slow.

Kill me now.


what should’ve taken 10 minutes, took 2 hours…

quickmask setting got changed somehow without me knowing it.

ugh, i hate this.

anyway, page 6 of the stupid book is uploaded.

kill me now?


Shit. Didn’t have time to do anything new this week.

Freelance work sat its big ass on my drawing desk all week.

But I uploaded some old crap, “The First Time I Played Asteroids” from 2003.

The awesome cartoonist Alex Schubert reminded me to dig up this old fossil.

Read his stuff. It’s good.

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